Examples or samples

I am trying to develop a simple class structure diagram for scheduling a car tune-up.

Is there any examples or samples available to use as base for a Class Diagram?

Dear M,

Thank you for your message. I’ve just send you a tutorial for using VP-UML through private message. Although the tutorial is quite out-dated, but it may give you some hints for your problem. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Dear Rain,

would it be possibly to pass on the sample to me as well. I am interested in a project that exploits all features, I’ve looked at the samples as per the installation.

I am trying to generate reports, and the fullier the examples, the more indepth the report. If you have ahave anything available it will assist in the evaluation of the tool.


Hello k_gallaher,

You can find a sample project from this page:

Please scroll down to the Download section to download the project.

Best regards,