I love the Excel and Word export and import capabilities. Greate job.
A. Is there a possibility to customize my Excel exports (reports) and-or imports?
B. Is Visual Paradigm compatible with Word 2007? I can not import a use case that was exported to Word and edited in Word 2007 ( even saved as a .doc compatible document )

Best regards,

Hi Marqui,

Thanks for your post and your positive feedback to our features. For your questions:

A. Currently we do not have user-defined customization for exporting to Excel file, but you can see that there are model types show when you export diagrams to Excel, as shown as attached image. You can select the model types you need for exporting to Excel.

B. We are sorry that currently we support generate Word 2007 report, but import use case by Word 2007 is not supported yet (i.e. if the Word file of use cases is modified and saved by Word 2007, it cannot be imported back to the use case). We will enhance to support import use cases by Word 2007, and will let you know if there is any news on this.
At the mean time, if you only need to edit the use case, you can export the diagram to Excel file to do so. More details about export/import Excel can be found from the following link:

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is any further question.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong