Exclusive-or relationship in ERD


i would like to ask what way do you use to depict exclusive relation in ERD diagram of VP?
I want to portray this visually (without a need of writing something to documentation).

I think that this is very important thing for conceptual modeling and I was unpleasantly surprised that I don´t able
to find solution of this problem by easy way.

The following diagram indicates that each convict is assigned to a prison, or to a parole officer, but not both:


other example

The same problem is about relations of subtype-supertype (ISA relation)…

Thank you for answer.
Have a nice day!

Hello stamina01,

I’m sorry that currently our ERD is not support to model this relationship. Our ERD is more on the physical ERD, where the one you would like to model is in more high level. We will consider to support this in the high level ERD in our future release.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

BTW, for documentation purpose you can make use of the generic connector or Note to record this.

Best regards,
Rain Wong