Experiences with multiple users accessing the same model

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We’ve been evaluating a number of different products (Sparx/Rational Architect and Rad) and the Paradigm UML tool has blown us away with its functionality. We love it.

We have used Rational Architect on other projects and it has functionality that allows us to have multiple users work on different parts of a given model without stepping on each others’ toes. It does this by allowing you to break a model file in to multiple files. This approach reduces any “merge” issues when people commit their code.

So we’re wondering if/how the Paradigm UML tool goes about handling teams of resources working on the same model. Does it rely on merging differences when users commit in to subversion, or is there the ability to break a model file in to lots of little files?

FYI we’re talking about a dozen users in disparate locations around the globe, we’re by no means talking about 100+ different users.



PS - is there a plan to add GIT to the supported source control tools??

Hello Luke,

Thank you for your interest in our products. We do have 2 ways to split the works for multiple users. You can split a project into multiple sub-projects and create dependency between them. With this setup you can have different users working on different sub-project.

And in all of our projects, you can define password lock on diagram or even on specific elements. This helps you to avoid the models being modified by other users.

You can find out more details about these 2 features at the links below. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Create project dependency

Password locking for diagram and element

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Hi Luke,

If I understand correctly, the source control support also involves conflict resolution. See the videos at http://linkvp.com/fcxkjeju and especially http://linkvp.com/wxjmzjzd. I’ve never tried the conflict resolution though and so don’t know how reliably it works.

Caveat: Visual diff works only with the Standard Edition and above.