Export images to ps or eps

it looks like ps and eps not included in the list of image export formats? it appears that pdf’s can be created, so the code must already exist to write the diagrams as ps or eps. is it possible to do now and I’m not seeing it, or is it something that might be added in the future?


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your post. Do you mean “PostScript” and “Encapsulated PostScript”?
May I know why you would like to export diagram to PostScript / Encapsulated PostScript?

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Personally, I find postscript files to be very flexible to manage, especially in UNIX-like systems. However, for me, such a feature in VPUML would be nice to have but not essential since getting PS from exported images is just one command away for me, if I ever wanted to do so.

yes, those are the formats. I would like to import the diagrams in documents made with LaTeX. I’ve found that I can export the diagrams as svg and convert them with imagemagick to eps, which works fine.


Hi Ian, D6chung,

Thanks for replying. It’s good that Ian found the solution by export to SVG then convert to eps. We are sorry that at the moment we do not have any plan to support export to PostScript or Encapsulated PostScript, we will review this issue in the future.

Feel free to have a post if there is any inquiry.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong