Export to XMI with version 5.0

When I’m trying to export my project to XMI, I get a log message which gives these warnings:

  • Anchor is not support in export
  • Object is not support in export

These are only warnings but still export isn’t working. It doesn’t create any XMI file. When I removed every anchor and object from the project, log message did not appear, but neither did the XMI file.

XMI export worked fine in the previous version (4.1). The project is converted of the version 4.1.

Other project (contains only class diagrams) works fine (export to XMI) after the conversion.


I managed to recreate the problem with simple project. I can export the XMI file with the version 4.1 but after the conversion I can’t do the export.

Project files are attached in the message.


Dear Jani,

Thank you for your messages also the sample projects. Our engineers are now investigating on your problem. Once there are any feedbacks, I’ll comeback to you immediately. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,