Export to XML.How to choose to avoid changes

In Agilian, there are different ways to export project (or its part) to XML file: 1) File/Export/XML, 2) File/Export/XMI. And each of these ways has several options which strongly influence the structure of resulting XML files. Which way (and its options) I should choose to exclude possibility my parsing code (depended on the structure of exported files) need to change to fix changes in exporting formats?

Hello Gennady999,

The XMI is an open standard (maintained by OMG) where XML is in VP defined schema. If you want to avoid changing your own parsing code, you can then go for XMI. But please note that XMI is mainly on UML models and non UML models may not be covered. In fact, the format of XML is also quite stable and it is also a good choice.

BTW, it looks like you want to extract the model information for other usage. Maybe you can also have a look to the Open API since it provide full access to the model data. More details about Open API can be found at


Best regards,
Rain Wong