Export UML diagrams to Enteprise Architect

I want to export ERD and Deployment Diagrams to Enterprise Architect 14.
As I noticed it need to be XMI format.
Do youn know which options do I need to select during export and how to import it in EA?

I will try today the same case I will write you If you need a little tutorial

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It will be helpfull. As I understand I need to create standard UML diagrams with no add-on items and every diagram need to be in model package.

I am also interested in this question. When importing to EA, class diagrams are not imported.

Hi Mouze47,

Thank you for your post. Could you give me your file for diagnosis? You can visit the following URL and upload your file(s) there. Only Visual Paradigm staff will have access to the uploaded files.

Password: oasf0oewrkjds

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Jick Yeung