Exporting Block Diagram from Desktop Software Forces Transparent Background

I’m running VP Modeler (v16.0 Build 20190861) on MacOS running in dark mode. When I create a block digram and then try to export it to .png with background (both a defined background and undefined background), the image is always exported with transparent background. This bug is awful, as in dark mode, all I ever see is a black background. This used to work just fine prior to upgrading to v16.

Now, I have to create/edit all diagrams in the desktop application, then when I want to export an image I have to log onto VP Online to export the diagram from there. Ridiculous.

The integration between the desktop application and VP Online is abysmal. I create diagrams that never get synched properly. Renaming diagrams don’t get updated to VPO. Auto-save from desktop fails, causing diagrams not to save. I’ve rebooted VP desktop application already 6 times today alone.

~ Patrick