Exporting Block Diagram from Desktop Software Forces Transparent Background

I’m running VP Modeler (v16.0 Build 20190861) on MacOS running in dark mode. When I create a block digram and then try to export it to .png with background (both a defined background and undefined background), the image is always exported with transparent background. This bug is awful, as in dark mode, all I ever see is a black background. This used to work just fine prior to upgrading to v16.

Now, I have to create/edit all diagrams in the desktop application, then when I want to export an image I have to log onto VP Online to export the diagram from there. Ridiculous.

The integration between the desktop application and VP Online is abysmal. I create diagrams that never get synched properly. Renaming diagrams don’t get updated to VPO. Auto-save from desktop fails, causing diagrams not to save. I’ve rebooted VP desktop application already 6 times today alone.

~ Patrick


I would like to let you know the exported image having black background problem had been fixed. Once again I’m sorry for any inconvenience this problem caused you. If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.