Exporting coordinates of elements in diagram

I’m now trying out VP.
When I’m exporting a diagram to excel. and then trying to import it into a different project, all elements in the diagram are aligned to the top-left corner of the diagram, instead of the iriginal formation. Seems lithe the coordinates of the diagram elements are not being exported. How can I export / save them?

You can use Export/Import Project, or XML

“Export to excel” exports model elements only.
The excel file won’t contain any information for diagrams.
So, once you export + import to new project, all the model elements are shown in the diagram by a default size/location/style/etc…
“Export to excel” is mainly used to modify the existing elements via Excel, by following step:

  1. Export excel from project
  2. Edit in excel
  3. Import back into that project.

So, on step 2, you can modify the list of elements via excel.