Exporting out from LucidChart into VP - Help!

Hi guys,

I’m in a bit of a pickle.

I’ve inherited a project that is in LucidChart. I need to bring it over to VP. It’s a bunch of BPMN diagrams to migrate. Doing them by hand it will take forever.

The sole download options I have from LucidChart are VDX and “CSV of Shape Data”.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you,


Hi Filipe,

We do support importing diagrams form Visio files. But regarding to LucidChart I’m sorry that at the moment we do not support directly import their generated Visio file. The reason is the elements in their Visio files are not created with proper stencils. But by using Visio’s build in Change Shape feature you can change those shapes into Visio’s BPMN stencil shapes. After that the Visio file will be able to import to become VP’s BPD. In case you experienced any problem on it you can send your file(s) to support-team@visual-paradigm.com so that we can help you to diagnose on it.

Best regards,
Rain Wong