Exporting to XMI - loss of info

I have two problems with the exporting to XMI. I am using it on Windows XP, running the trial version of VP-UML Pro, and I’ve been creating class diagrams.
1.) When I export, the XMI file has many unclosed uml:AssociationEnd.participant tags, so it doesn’t import back into VP-UML unless I add in the closed tags myself.
2.) When I do import that file back, I lose all information about constraints. As far as I can tell, all the other information is intact.

Also… in exporting to XMI is it possible to customize the XMI ids?

Hi Yuan Niu,

Thanks for raising this problem. We shall look into it. Could you possibly attach your project file? If you cannot, could you make a sample project which replicates the error?

When exporting to XMI, you cannot customise the id’s. Could you tell us why you would need such a feature?