Feature Request: Templates

Hi all

Just time to bother you with the obligatory weekly feature request (or bug notification)! :smiley:

My users have worked out some modelling guidelines for projects created at our company. Basically these consist of default values for colours, sub-process options, etc. More specifically, we would like the ability to have the BPVA tool allow us to define / re-use certain shape defaults, namely:

  • All swimlanes to default to horizontal and transparent
  • All sub-processes to default to Independent

I would think the best way to implement these (and other) defaults would be via some sort of Template mechanism (like in Word or Visio). Such a mechanism would allow for other defaults to be maintained (covering defaults for things we havenโ€™t dreamt-up yet!). Alternatively I guess simple toggles could be included in the Options dialogs for these, but as the number of these kinds of options increases those dialogs will get unwieldy.

Does anyone (other than me!) find any value in this idea?


Hello Cameron,

Sorry to keep you waiting. We will process your request as soon as possible.

Best regards,