Feed an output into another process

Is it possible to feed an output of some business process into another process being another diagram. So not a process that is defined in the same diagram.

For example a risk management process has an output (risk register) that is needed by other or multiple other processes as input (defining the plan for the process, thinkof a document management plan in which specific risks should be taken into account).

This way it would be possible to connect processes by in/output, kind of like the SIPOC diagram in six sigma.

You can use Sub-Process in Business Process Diagram.
We will generate Start Event and End Event of associated shapes.

For example in below diagram,
“From Process” and “To Process” are associated with “Middle Process”.

Open “Middle Process” diagram,
You will see Start Event with indicator of “From Process”
and End Event with indicator of “To Process”.

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Is this what you have in mind?

Two Separate Business Process Diagrams

Matrix Diagram

Yes, your modelling way one of possible ways.

Below are some other modelling ways.