Few questions about object Panel in User Interface Diagram

I have a few questions about object Panel in User Interface Diagram.

  1. When I try to change line format (weight and color) on object PANEL it changes on Preview (window Formats) but after save line don’t change on diagram. (screen below)

  2. When I name the object PANEL it isn’t visible on diagram, but it is visible in.a. specification. Is there possible to show it on diagram? (screen below)

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Piotr P.

Hi PIort, and welcome !

On 1. I think that the Panel edges are covered by another setting. When I right-mouse on it I notice there is an option called “Border” above Format. This is specific to this element type and I think is to help with over UI consistency as there is an option for it to “Follow Look and Feel”. Also I think panel is probably something that groups related UI components so is normally not visible hence default having no border

On 2. Again I suspect this relates to what a Panel is all about. Its a container. If you want to label parts of the UI then there is the Label element which is just below panel in the toolbar or use Frame which does show its “Title”.

I think the guys have updated the UI designer in the normal VP client but unfortunately the documentation is not keeping up whilst they focus on the browser based online UI tools (like with wired up UI tool).

Hi PiotrP,

In order to change color of wireframe component.
You need to right-click on the component and select Color.

Then you can configure via Color Dialog.

If you want to show text inside Panel.
You can draw a Label in side the Panel.

Or you can change panel to another type, below is possible panel type.

However, no matter which way you used, panel name will not be rendered.
Because component name is used for identification purpose.

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