Filtering on RACI diagram element

I would like to know if it’s possible to filter a RACI diagram on one (or more) element of the RACI. It is possible to filter on row and/or column but how to filter on one element (like R)? I have a project made of 4 business processes, I defined one RACI diagram on each business process and I can put together the 4 business process diagrams in one RACI diagram; having this global RACI, sometimes I need to focus or show only the R, or the A, or any combinations of RACI elements.


Hello Patrick,

Thank you for your suggestion and sure we will consider to support filter RACI by the code. I’ll let you know once there are any feedback from our engineers. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

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Steve I can’t seem to find the video tutorial I orgiinally watched it was about doing db development and the diagramming part was stuck in the middle. I did find some step-by-step directions however: For the first shot plan on some trial and error but once you get it working it’s fairly straightforward I now set that up and save it to a /database directory in my project and keep all that under version control along with everything else.

It seems the issue is not related to RACI, are you posting the question in wrong forum?

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Rain Wong