First time user question --> print ERM


this is my first time using this powerfull and awesome tool.

I’ve now created an ERM-Diagram and want now to print it as an Image, but there are 3 things, which I’m not happy about:

Hello CharlieSch,

Thank you for your message. For your questions:

  1. I’m sorry that the watermarks are cannot be removed in Community Edition, Personal Edition and all evaluation version software. The purchased license (Modeler Edition or above) will not showing any watermarks.

2 & 3. The printing features only support print out the diagrams. For details of each models, you have to use the Report Generation features (HTML, PDF, MS Word, Report Writer and Project Publisher).

If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hello Rain,

thx a lot.
This is all I need to know know.


Hello Charlie,

You are welcome.

Best regards,
Rain wong