Floating Licenses - will they work over Internet?

Hello. Currently evaluation VP-UML 7.1

Can I use a Floating License over the Internet? I’m considering getting one of those as I’m doing a lot of planning and designing from home; That way I’d be able to use VP-UML from my work Desktop, my home Desktop and my Laptop. My house also has a VPN connection to my Office, so I can probably run any networking protocol, but I thought I’d ask first.

An other related question: What happens if I forget to shut down VP-UML when I leave the Office: when I try to connect from Home, will the connection simply be refused or will I be offered the chance to “kill” the other instance of VP-UML?

Thank you,
Cosmin Prund

Hi Cosmin Prund,

Thanks for your post. We do not recommend installing the Floating License Server since anyone can reach the license server will be able to acquire the floating license from it. We suggest you install in on LAN.

We support exporting floating license from the license server for offline usage, so you can use the software at home. When the floating license is exported from the license server, other users cannot acquire that license until it’s imported back to the license server.
BTW, if you exported the floating license, the application will prompt you to import it back to the license server.

More details about export floating license key can be found from:

If you did not shutdown VP-UML in office, it will keep acquiring the floating license as long as it can reach the license server, and you cannot acquire that floating license by other VP-UML client.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Thank you for your answer.

If I understand your answer correctly the Floating License Server would work over the Internet but that would be a security hazard. If that’s true then I’d be able to use it over VPN without any issues.

Hi Cosmin Prund,

You are right (VPN is also a good choice for installing the license server). And please be reminded that Floating License Server does not support proxy.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong