Floating Licenses


I was interested in floating licenses, but I could not find any information on how they work.

Do you need to have a server running some particular license manager? Or do you need to have some shared file space on a server or what?

How long does the license stay locked after the user exits the program? i.e. what is the wait for the next user to get access?



Dear DDD,

If you purchased a 5-user floating license, you will get a license key that allows 5 user connections. You need to place this key file into a location on the server computer (that will have the license server program running) and then start the license server. After that, clients can start VP-UML and select the license server host as the license key repository, then start to use VP-UML. It does not matter where the client’s computer is, it can connect to the license server as long as the number of active connections do not exceed the purchased user amount.