For ERD allow same "element name" different "schema" in same package

Please add an option to treat the combination “schema name”."element name"as a unique name for entities in an ERD instead of just the “element name” in the same package. I’m aware that VP is not primarily a DB modeling tool but it kind of sucks when one cannot distinguish entities with the same name by schema in the same package (ie db). Thank You

Actually VP is quite good for data modelling - maybe less so for generating ddl.
And a lot easier than some tools.
Its just not often used so the documentation is not as helpful as it could be
It sounds like you are trying to mix physical and logical model together
That wont work
You need to define the logical model which of course is implementation independent
Then instead of Package use Model and that kind of allows a seperate namespace.

Then use “synchronise to physical” (from utilities) and have a physical for each database target if they are eg two different platforms. That said I could not easily see how to sync more than one physical from a logical. May need a bit of experimentation as that seems a sensible thing to want to do if you really are wanting to specify ddl.

Also consider Reference Project for logical and reuse (reference) in seperate projects for physical implementations, Lots of possibilities. But having an two entities with the same name on one diagram isnt one of them unless you are simplky wanting to have an auxilliary view. You could look at aliases perhaps (never used them but they may help).


Additional info here: Same table name in different SQL schema? - #11 by Jick

Seems to strongly suggest the entities and by inference the diagrams need to be in seperate packages

HI epmoj,

I am going to share your opinion with our team. Thank you for your post. When there is any update, I will let you know.

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