Free / Open Source Scripting Plugin

Hello guys,

I released the first version of my open source scripting plugin for Visual Paradigm. Available as a binary download or you can built it on your own as well.


The following features are implemented:

  • Groovy language support
  • Display result in text area
  • Display result in grid
  • Export grid result as CSV file
  • Fully-fledged editor component
  • Syntax highlight
  • Jump to line in case of error
  • History support

I tested with latest commercial version of Visual Paradigm on Windows.

Any questions, feature requests, issues found etc. are more thank welcome.

The source code and the binary plugin is available at:


The new, X-mas edition is out:

  • Python (via Jython)
  • Extended documentation
  • Lots of bugfixes

You can download it from here: