Friendly reminder - bugs and other entomology aspects

The place for every one of us to collect annoying bugs which were ignored for too long :thinking:
I encourage everyone to collect issues that irritate us in one place so that we can manage VP development.

It’s about our work quality and wasted time - VP team, please take it seriously - You have created our favorite daily tool.
This list was created because we care.

  1. Support for the multi-monitor environment - hey, we have the 21st century it’s evident that creative work requires such an environment *
  2. VP is becoming very slow when the Layers dialog is displayed - honestly, I don’t understand why this bug lives so long!? *
  3. “Diagram patched” after check-in - another feature that destroys more than gives; please comment on this line in the code! *

*These issues have occurred since the previous VP versions and independently of OS version or project configuration.

I use VP in multi-monitor environment in long time ago.