Generalization Association Realization relationship not showing in class diagram


I recently downloaded Visual Paradigm version 4.0
I am evaluating the professional edition.
While trying to “Form Diagram” in the “Class Repository” View(after reversing a jar file) and choosing the customize option, in the “Form Diagram” tab, the Generalization, Association and Realization related check boxes are disabled.
So in the resulting class diagram, only Containment relationships are showing, the Generalization, Association and Realization relatioships are missing.
Can you please help me to generate these relationships!
Is it at all possible to generate these relationships in the class diagram, while reverse engineering in the evaluation versions? Are these features disabled in the evaluation versions!??

please help!!

Please find the screen shot attached.



Dear Souptik,

This is a bug in the Form Diagram option that disallow user from selecting the generation of relationships connectors. However, the relationships are already reversed as models, and you can see them in the diagram if you multiple-select all classes, right-click on one of them and select Code Engineering -> Synchronize Relationships with Model -> All.

However there is a problem in Instant Reverse that associations and dependencies will not be generated, so after synchronizing you should see only Generalization and Realization. We have now fixed this problem and will release the update patch soon.