Generalization inheritance problem

hi all,

I have a class diagram with Class A with method hello() and a class B that derives from A.

They are linked with a ‘generalize’.

However i can not seem to produce an overidden method of hello() in class B diagram.

This is required to provide implementation documentation.

Please advise on how to achieve the above.

many thanks


Hello lpiccoli,

You need to Copy the operation from the superclass to the subclass. Steps:

  1. Right-click on the Superclass and select Move/Copy members from the popup menu.
  2. From the Move/Copy Class Members dialog box, select the operation to be override.
  3. Press >>
  4. Select the Subclass to be sent to
  5. Press OK

Hope this helps.

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love ur work!



You are welcome. :stuck_out_tongue: