Generate Class Diagram from ERD not working

I create a entities relationship diagram. I need to generate a java code and a class diagram. I read the tutorial and pressed the button Tools > Hibernate > Synchronize to Class Diagram. There was a dialogue as in the tutorial and pressed Ok. The program turned into a black square and hung for 30 minutes. How do I know what the problem is? The entity diagram is not very large. My version 14.2.


Is the problem reproducible? Can you test with a simple ERD with single entity?
If you can reproducible the problem, would you mind send your project file to and include the link to this post ( in the Email?

Sent a letter

I update my visual paradigm to 14.2 Build sp1_20180201 and the problem was solved. Class diagram generate in a few seconds.
Before, I have version from September 2017.

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