Generate code for different Language

I’m programmer , and I use Javascript for my project .

I usen’t Java for code Generation.
Can Visual Parading generate code for different Object Oriented Language ?

Poseidon 6.1 for UML , support TEMPLATE for code generation .
If you work with different language , You can modify the template and Poseidon generate code conform your Template (language) .

Can Visual Parading do it ?


Dear Rabben,
Currently VP-UML does not support template. We are now investigating the template code generation. Thank you for your suggestion.

Best Regards,

I can’t understand the reason that limite VP .

Why I can’t add " MyPersonalLanguageCode " ?

With these features I Can Build :

B_FooClass [ with Javascript]
C_FooClass [with Java]
E_FooClass [with Java]

Javascript (and Ecmascript) is very potential language !