Generate HTML report or JPEG in console


is it possible to generate a HTML Report or just jpegs for UML Diagrams by a console command?

It could be usefull to generate these outputs automatically every night for a global documentation.

Thank you!


Hi Daniel,

If you have at least the Modeler Edition, you can generate diagram images from the command line as described in . Report generation is also possible (see ), but I don’t know which edition this requires.

When I tried to export an XMI file via command line several weeks ago, I found it a bit clumsy because I actually had to change the current directory to the VP installation directory instead of just specifying the path to invoke the command from another directory. It seems the export script searches for some of its libraries relative to the current directory. I assume the same applies to the other export commands. To be fair, the need to change the directory is mentioned in the VP-UML documentation.