Generate Instances of UML objects via database

Is there a way to have Visual Paradigm take an existing database table and map each row to an instance of the matching object? For example, if I have a table of POC information, can I have it generate multiple instances (one for each record in the table) of a Person object that maps to that table?

Hello bccaci,

Do you mean you would like to load a table from database and convert each record into one object (in Java or .NET)?

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Sorry for not replying sooner. To answer your question, what I was looking to do was have Visual Paradigm represent each row of the table as an instance of the actual UML objects. Ideally, we would define what the overall record looks like from a UML standpoint, and then have the software map from the actual records in the table to multiple instances of that UML class. For example, if it was POC information, the UML would have a property for Name and a property for Email. Then, mapping would result in a 3 row POC table populating three separate instances of the UML each with the specific name and email of the record in the table.

Probably a long shot, but we noticed in the help under chapter 18 in figure 18.74, that it seemed it MIGHT be possible to create a visual representation of the data itself using Visual Paradigm in addition to creating data object designs.

Appreciate the help