Generate ORM Code Hangs VP

When I try to generate ORM code from an ERD using the wizard, VP hangs. There must be something in the ERD model as I can do it for a simple model but not for our larger (real) model.

Anyone else run into problems generating ORM code?

I’m also getting a Null Pointer Exception in the log file (see previous post) which is probably related. Just wondering if anyone else is actually using this feature.


I’m getting the same problem with DBVA. Any solutions? I’m considering a purchase, but this could kill it.

After playing with this for a while, it SEEMS to have something to do with having not saved a change prior to code generation. I find that if I go to the diagram tree view, then File/Save DBVC Project, and THEN generate code, it never hangs.

On the other hand, if the Diagram Tree view shows an unsaved state (a ‘*’ next to the project name), the code generation often fails.