Generate Swagger via CLI


I have several class diagrams, each representing a microservice. I want to generate the Swagger API doc individually for each microservice. I have the option to configure this via the UI, but it is very cumbersome. Is there a way to automate this, for example with a command line tool?

Thank you.

Hi fhopfensperger,

Thank you for your inquiry. Regretfully, Swagger API generation is not covered by our command-line interface yet. I will forward your case to our team for further feasibility studies. As a workaround, would you consider creating separate projects for each of the microservice? Each project has its own set of generation parameters so don’t have to edit it everytime upon generation. Am I correct?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thanks for the information. Would be great if we can have such a function, as I prefer to automate all tasks.

As a workaround I currently use the tags for each rest api interface (, I still have one swagger definition file but at least I have a clear separation between the individual microservices.