Generate Word Report - Ordering the Elements


It seems that the engine that generates the reports has changed since the last time I used it. When I clicked on the button to “generate a word report”, in the options tab, I used to be able to select whether I wanted it to follow the numbering of the elements or to order it alphabetically. I don’t seem to have this option anymore and the report writer does not seem to be using any particular logic. Has this been taken away or has it moved somewhere else?

Thank you,
Linnea Lewis

Hi Linnea Lewis,

Thanks for your post. When you select the diagram and drill down to element level, you can select the sorting options of elements (see attached image). This means you can have different element sorting options on different diagrams.

BTW, when you drill down to the element level of diagram, you can select the element and move it upward/downward to modify the order of element in report output. Also, you can right-click on the element and select Generate in popup menu for deciding generate the element or not in the report.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if there is any further inquiry.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong