Generating class digram from python code

hello everyone,
i used Visusal paradigm to reverse a python code, and i got a class digram without relationships. Even if i did try lot of times and configure the process well i still have the same result. Any idea how can i solve this prb ? :frowning:

thank u


I share your experience. I couldn’t get associations either, even with both classes in the same file like this:

class A(object):

class B(object):

    def __init__(self):
        self.a = A()

Note that if you use self.a_objects = [] in B's constructor, the software can’t know that the list is supposed to take A instances at a later point. That said, I think the code above contains all the necessary information.

Generally, if you don’t get a reply in the forum, you may want to send an inquiry to the support via their ticket system at . I don’t know why, but they’re much more responsive to tickets than to forum posts. When I send them a ticket, it usually gets answered the same or next day, often already with a fix if there was a bug! Unfortunately, the support by Visual Paradigm in the forum might give the impression that they aren’t serious about customer support.

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sschwarzer - Thank you dude! I had the same problem like