Generating Java code

Hi all. I am new to using Visual Paradigm a matter of 4/5 weeks. I am currently doing a project for college. I am trying to generate Java code from my class diagram but I am getting this error. [Error] newRegistrationNo: Attribute The final attribute 'LoginScreen.newRegistrationNo’may not have been initialized. I have 4 of these errors. Can someone please help as I have no idea how to fix this issue in Visual Paradigm. I added a screen shot.

. Thank you.

I just tried to create a similar example and do able to generate code without any issue. It looks like the problem is related to your model. Would you please send me your project file for checking? You can send it to for diagnosis. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Ensure all final attributes in your class diagram are initialized in the constructor. In Visual Paradigm, double-check attribute properties and initialization settings. This should resolve the error.