Generating XSD and C# from the same project

Hi Jick / Rain / Lillian

Remember when I had to use the tagged values to generate enum lists within an xsd? Well, I am now trying to use something very similar to generate c# code :smiley:

I’m assuming that the same method (putting the values into the Tagged Values Tab) is the right way forward but is there any way of generating both XSD and C# from the same tagged values? I’m guessing that the default VM file will need to be modified so that it iterates through the xs:restriction/xs:enumeration…

Do you have any thoughts?

Many thanks



This is causing me some grief - I want to use the same concept as I do for schema generation and have a named class with no methods or attributes to provide a datatype but cannot find a way to implement this. I dont want to go down the route of having to explicitly type attributes with a simple data type based on the programming language as it minimises the amount of reuse when I come to generate the schema.

For reference, this is for a SOA project where I want to write the interfaces and objects and then use the code generation to create the base c# project and then generate the xsd’s so that both the xml and core code are generated from the same project. The next step is to use ORM to generate the DB but I need to get this bit sorted first…