Generelization class with same name and template parameter

I have a class called Entity and another class called Entity<TId>. When I try to model this in Visual Paradigm it won’t let me because the class names are the same. How Can I do this anyway?

I uploaded an image that should explain the idea.


I am curious why you need same name Class within same Package but having different classifier.

In Visual Paradigm, Class name need to be unique within Package for “Original” nickname.
However, you can using other nickname as workaround.

First of all, define a nickname and switch to it.

You can rename via Manage Nickname dialog.

Thank you for using Visual Paradigm.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I regularly use it when I have a class without template parameters which is subclassed by a class with the same name and template parameters. That way it’s easier to define method input parameters.