Get latest version (trunk) diagram or project from team server


Many users draw diagrams in seperate branches and commit/merge their work by using branches into the trunk. So we are interested in exporting or reading the latest versions of the diagrams (entity,column,description,stereotype etc) in order to integrate the latest work to the outside world (triggering from command line on the server side).

It seems that there are 2 ways:

1 - Export XML of a diagram or project of the latest version (trunk) from the teamserver by a batch job. The job can run on the teamserver. The exported XML should be the latest version.
2- Write a openAPI script in order to retrieve the latest version . But as far as I understood there is no API call to retieve the latest version (trunk) ? Is that correct? There is also a need to switch between project , is that possible?

Are those 2 ways doable or can you suggest the ideal way to implement this requirement.

with friendly Regards

Hi Seyhmus,

Thank you for your post. Do you mean you want to know the (name of the) branch under which a diagram has recently been committed?

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Hello Jick,

Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry for confusion.

No not the name, I want to export or read the diagram in the trunk (from repository), which is the latest or current version in production.

Maybe the functionality is already there and my question is silly.

Best Regards

Hi Seyhmus,

You can automate the update of your project with the help of scripts\UpdateTeamworkProject.bat (or .sh for Linux).

There is also a script file for you to run a plugin without GUI. For details please read:

So you can retrieve the data you need by writing a plug in and if necessary, run the plug in in background.

In case you need, you can run scripts\ExportXML.bat to produce an XML from your project.

I am not sure if the information above is helpful… If not, please feel free to let me know.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thank you very much Jick. I’ll try it asap :pray: