Glossary Export and Import

I am seeking to determine if Visual Paradigm can be used as the core of an Enterprise Glossary. This requires the ability to share the data definitions between projects to enable agile and quick design with full enterprise-wide communication.
I have created glossary terms in two separate VP projects.
Can anyone tell me how to share the definitions across projects, or at least export from one and import into another?
The answer is pretty simple: create a Standard Common Glossary Project and then use the ‘Referenced Project’ when you want to share the terms. That is great for a common glossary for cross-project communication!
Next will be to determine how to create new terms quickly for your agile project and upload/save them to the common glossary…ideas?

Hi TheProfessor,

Thank you for your post. With reference to the common Glossary project, you can make use of the “refactoring” function to move your glossary terms to the glossary project. The following image shows you how it works.

A prerequisite: There has to be a glossary grid in the glossary project.

Best regards
Jick Yeung