Good work!

That UeXceler concept is absolutely fantastic invention! Clearly differentiates you from same price level competition you have and probably from many even much more pricey alternatives too. I was just trying to figure a intelligent way to add my device check list to a use case. I could have added is a single comment, perhaps as multiple comments or even as attachment. But what I really really wanted, was a way to add it to a scenario and guess what? It was possible with built-in Testing procedures description tool! Very easy to add the testing guide for each step required.

The program might not be perfect. From time to time I find it misses tiny things which would make life easier. Like if I synchronise the scenario to a Activity diagram and rename some activity in the diagram, then the text doesn’t change in the scenario text. And even worse, if I perform the synchronise again, it will lose the modification in the diagram. There are other things too, like it would be handy be able to toggle stereotype names and tagged values which show the in the diagram as text and which don’t. Now it’s more like all or nothing situation.

But anyway, very good program for all kind things especially outside the normal programmer’s needs (which others tend to concentrate). Flexible and feature rich combined with rather easy to use and learn interface. Keep it up!