H2/HSQLDB Database not fully supported?

I tried to reverse an h2 database to erd.

The Problem is that the SQL Type “OTHER” (JAVA_OBJECT) will be mapped to “int”.
If i generate a class diagramm it will be datatype INTEGER instead of OBJECT.

If i open the specification i cant choose OTHER as a SQL type (after the conversion the User Type is “Other” and sql type is “int” in the specifiation window).

The Problem will cause problems in the generation of code and sql.

Is there a reason i dont got an answer?

We bought VP and now we cant use this ERD <-> Database because it’s not really supported?

Sorry for my late response. Regarding to the “Other” type in HSQLDB, I’m very sorry that the ERD and generate class diagram from ERD feature is designed for supporting hibernate. Since hibernate do not have direct support to those non-standard data types (i.e. the “Other” type), therefore we can only map it to a default datatype (which is int) when generating the class diagram. For the non-standard datatype you have to handle it using the ORM User Type technique. The following KonwHow page will show you how this c an be done. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong