Help needed with Simulacian

I am trying to use simulacian to assess some processes.
Is there a way to link Simulacian with the tasks properties ?
(Example, the task have attributes for resources, duration, loops etc. however Simulacian does not take these into account.)

Also, If a task produces some workproducts, (data, deliverables…) is there a way to turn them into resources Simulacian will be able to use ?)

I thought Simulacian would have taken advantages of all the modelling information … It would be such a usefull tool !!!

No, I don’t think so.
Data has to be entered twice.
(Exemple : Resources can be entered via the “resource” tab in the task specification dialog, but you have to enter again in the Simulacian panel. No Synchronisation.)

Also, I don’t think it is possible to use data objects defined in a BPMN as resources for simulacian. So, if a customer fills a complaint, and by rule, the clerk officer waits to have 10 complaints before processing them, there’s no way to have simulacian take that into account.

So sad…