Help needed with Simulacian

I am learing how to use Simulacian for performing simulations of business processes, and I have a couple of questions, hopefully not too difficult to tackle:

  1. I see that when I define the Scenarios for the simulation, I need to choose the outputs from Gateways manually, assigning a number of occurrences for each Scenario. The question is: is it possible to place a condition on the Gateway, based for example on the number of a certain type of available resource, instead of the manual choice? This could be very helpful, especially when you have to simulate repetitive actions which are stopped when a certain type of resource is depleted.
  2. How can I represent a resource permanently used up, never to be released until the end of the process? Or in other words, is it possible to mark a certain resource as used by a Task, and remaining used even if the following Tasks do not require it?

Anybody can provide some help?

Thank you!