Help regarding component diagram


can any one help me to resolve my confusion. I am explaining it with scenario

let suppose Component 1 contain component 1.1,component 1.2 and there is message passing between component 1.1 and component 1.2 .How can it be shown in the component diagram

Dear Safar,

Thank you for your message. First of all the component is not design for model the organization and dependencies between components. It is not good in model what will be sent between components. I suggest you can use port and association to model the relationships between your components, and use a note to document what will be sent between them.

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thanx for help
but my half question is remain there that whther we show sub component in commponent or not ?
you means that in daiagram dont show dependencies between subcomponents?

Hi Safar,

Thanks for replying. I’m Lilian Wong, another member in the support team. Below I attached an image of how to show sub-components are contained in a components, you can use an association to represent that sub-components’ communication. If you need to add more details about their communication, you can add Note to describe.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask if there is any further inquiry.

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Lilian Wong

Thanx a lot now it becomes clear to me … I am send image is it correct just with minor modification of urs…


Hi Safar,

Your modeling is correct. :smiley:

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Lilian Wong