Hi need help designing uml for java class digram with methods I will type requirements below

Camping Site
High Farm campsites require a program that will allow site staff to book in campers and caravans. The program must have the following features:
Booking System

The campsite has a number of pitches (the name for area that can accommodate a caravan, a tent or a motorhome) that can be hired out to the public.
There are 12 pitches that are all-weather and suitable for caravans, there are a further 6 pitches that have an electric hookup ( which are suitable for tents, caravans or motorhomes), there are also 20 pitches suitable for tents.

The booking system must have the ability to:
• Produce an on screen summary of a booking.
• Book a tent or caravan pitch for a number of nights
• Store the details of the details of the person who books the pitch
• Search for a free pitch for a tent or a caravan
• Delete or edit a booking
• View a list of pitches for given day

Customer Management System

There must also be a customer management system which allows the following:

• Customers to be added or deleted
• Customers addresses to be added
• Customers to be allocated a customer number

The resulting program must:

  1. Show the use of classes, objects and inheritance.
  2. Be presented with the correct usecase, class, object and sequence diagrams
  3. Appropriately annotated code
  4. Annotated screenshots of the program in action

You must also provide a reflective report comparing your programming experience with objects with your experiences of other programming languages on the course.