Hide complete epcis


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an epic
  2. Go to user story
  3. Add 2 user stories to an epic by clicking on the “plus” icon right next to the epic (not within the epic!)
  4. Go to epic, see that 0/2 stories are finished, and the epic is labeled as WIP (work in progress)
  5. Set those user stories to finished
  6. Go to epic, see that 2/2 stories are finished. Epic is still labeled as WIP and will not be hidden, when hide complete epics is selected.

If the stories are added within the epic, steps 4-5 will result in epic being set to DONE.


Hi Steve,

Do you mean click this in step 3?

I tested but cannot reproduce the problem. Can you provide more details and screenshot?


Thanks for the answer. Yes this is what I meant, but my bug report is not correct, I am sorry.
I thought, it was enough to do it like this, but the problerm lies somewhere else:
Please try the following:

  1. Add the user story (let’s say in the way I meant (as showing in your picture)
  2. Now, add a sprint, put this user story in the sprint backlog.
  3. Add the user story to the sprint.
  4. Go to the sprint task board
  5. Move the user story to finished.
  6. Observe the epic. For me it says 1/1 but WIP, although the user story is finished.

In this case I did not publish the sprint. Normally we do sync to tasifier, in tasifier we complete all tasks then put the user stories to finish, finish the sprint, close the task pools, so that we end up with epics with all closed user stories, but still all of them are in WIP state.

Sorry for the inaccuracy. I hope you can see what I mean.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your report. We’ll let you know when it is fixed.