Ho to turn off automatic login and Team functionality?

I want to turn off the Team option and automatic logins and use the software in the local standalone mode only.

I started using Visual Paradigm standard edition on a Mac (Version 15.2, Build 20190401) and when it launches every time it automatically connects to the on-line service. When I try to save any of my projects with a diagram template and use “Save As” there is always the default Visual Paradigm Online tab present and I am logged in it seems automatically and it wants to “Import”, Local File System tab in the Save Project dialog is inactive. I am trying to create a simple process map from from Basic Process Map template.

This annoys me to no end. How do I turn it off ?

At the moment I want to use VP in a single user mode only and store all my projects in the local file system. Ideally there should be an option to turn off this “online” completely.
But I cannot see anywhere any program settings.

I have tried removing the application and installing it again. Nothing changed. It seems to be hardwired to work on-line somehow or keeps its preferences somewhere. If it does what should I delete ?

When I open the Team tab I seem to be logged in automatically. It seems like the product remembers my login details and tries to connect to the server all the time (from license registration I guess or from my previous trial when I logged in to the Team functionality?).

Is this forced by the program that for some models/diagrams that I MUST use the on-line storage ?

Can anyone help me to de-cloudify this installation of VP?


The simplest way is logout, re-login with Remember password unchecked. Then it cannot auto login next time without password.

Thank you. It worked. The “remember password” checkbox appears only in the second step (second dialog after selecting “next”) of the login operations, so it was not obvious.