How can display IDs only of selective objects in BP diagrams?

Hi everybody,

does anyone know how I can display IDs in BP-diagrams only for a selected number of objects?
As long as you do not commit changes to the teamwork server, it works by simly delete IDs you don’t want to be displayed.
I am using Agilian 3.0 since one week now. Before that, I used to work with version 2.2 and never had that kind of problems.

I really appreciate your help!


In the meantime, I found out the following. With the diagram context menu ‘Configure Show ID Options’ it is possible to choose wether an ID of a selected object type ist diplayed or hidden. Unfortunately, this only works when you choose the option ‘display as Labels’.
And still, Agilian ist reinventing IDs when commiting changes to the teamwork server, which is really annoying!


Hi Frank,

We are unable to reproduce the problem you described. IDs are remain existing after committing changes to Teamwork Server. Could you update to the latest release and try again? You can run the update program in the bin folder of VP Suite installation folder.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung