How can I adress a specific Model Element or Diagram as Query-Parameter (Fill-In Doc)



Hi there,

when creating a Fill-In Doc I want to adress a specific DIAGRAM or ELEMENT of my model without having to select it later on in VP DocComposer.

Eg. I would like to place a statement like perhaps
${DIAGRAM, “Use Case Diagrams (Admin)”, “UseCaseDiagram”, Any=“MySpecificDiagramName”, PROPERTY=name}
into my Doc Base. As a result after importing my Doc Base into Doc. Composer I would not have to pick the specific diagram; instead Doc. Composer would find and select it automatically for me (without further interaction from me). Same idea applies to ELEMENTs…

Background is: If I need to change my Doc Base Word-Document I always have to re-pick my DIAGRAMs and ELEMENTs queried with “One” or “Any” by hand when I want to re-generate my project documentation.

How can I achieve this in VP?

Thanks for any input


in ${DIAGRAM, ...Any or One, ...}. you can specify:
${DIAGRAM, ..., Any, ..., PreferredDiagram.Name="My Diagram Name", ...}

in ${ELEMENT, ...Any or One or LoopInElement, ...}, you can specify:

in ${ELEMENT, ...LoopInDiagram, ...}, you can specify: with LoopInDiagram


Thanks a lot for the hint, looks pretty much like what I’m looking for. Is there a documentation available for additional parameters like those PreferredElement and maybe more? I was not able to find them in the Doc. Composer user guide.