How can I generate CRC cards using class diagram?

I formed class diagrams only using java source codes(I didn’t make any other diagrams.)
Now I’m trying to generate a html document containing CRC cards.
But in the html file generated, I don’t see anything except title bar.
Does VP 5.1 support this functionality for CRC cards ?

Hi hy,

At the moment, we support transforming CRC cards to classes but not the reverse. In fact we seldom need to convert classes back to CRC cards throughout the software development process. However, as long as you have this request we will consider supporting it. I have forwarded your suggestion to our development team for reviewing.

Regarding the problem of HTML report, I have tried but could not reproduce the problem as you described. My HTML report successfully shows the whole picture of CRC card diagram. Would you mind sending me the log file for checking? You can find it at the bin dir of VPSuite_Install_Dir. Besides, please perform an update to advance to the latest release. Perhaps this is a bug that we had fixed before.


Thank you… I got it…