How can I set-up the default node orientation to "horizontal"?


whenever I insert a node item, it’s always inserted first with a vertical orientation, then if I want it horizontal I have to go to the righ-click menu and select Orientation->Horizontal.

My diagram are more often than not in a portrait orientation, so I’d rather have the nodes inserted with the Horizontal orientation by default. Is there a way to customize that behavior? I could not find it.

Hi user,

Thank you for your inquiry. I guess you mean Fork Node and Join Node in Activity Diagram. Did you create them via the resource-centric interface, which are the icons surrounding a shape? We support automatic orientation of nodes created by the resource-centric interface. If a node is being created below the originated shape, it will has a horizontal orientation.

And sorry that we do not support setting the default for nodes.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung