How can you change the message format in Sequence Diagram messages?


How can do you set the format VP-UML uses when formatting a message in a Sequence Diagram?

Unless my reference material is mistaken, the format for a message signature is:
attribute = signal_or_message_name (arguments) : return_type

For our team, we typically like to have the return type show. So we’d like to see “foo() : String” rather than “foo()” for the message’s format. However I cannot find a way for VP-UML to show this.

Similarly, we sometimes want the parameter types, and even names sometimes, “foo(size : Dimension)” , to show so the diagram can differentiate between overloaded methods, or specifically highlight the values being passed in.


Hello MarkV,

You can right click on the sequence diagram and select Presentation Options > Show Messages Operation Signature to show up the return type and parameters.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Thank you Rain.

You are welcome.